CD release concert - "Music Without Borders"

Thursday 25th of November at 21:00, Cosmopolite (Soria Moria)

Ellayali builds bridges between people through music. 10 musicians from five different nationalities creates a magic atmosphere with a unique blend of arabic, balkan, latino, norwegian folk, opera and classical music. Listen Mozart mixed with the famous egyptian hit "Habibi Noor al Ain" by Amr Diab, spicy latino rythms from our own Arne Rødvik, beautiful arabic ballads and breathtaking flamenco with Miriam Kleppe and Atilla Vrasdonk. Ellayali welcomes you all to take a part in the celebration of our debut CD, "Music Without Borders".

Featuring guest artists: Audun Reithaug (double bass), Alexander Fernandez (kongas/vocal), Aziz Kossai (oud), Trond Halstein Moe (vocal), Miriam Kleppe (flamenco) and Atilla Vrasdonk (flamenco).

Free entrance

Ellayali on Norwegian Radio

Thursday 12th of November,09:30-10:00, "Mozart og Madonna" NRK P2

Ellayali's lead singer Ingegjerd Bagøien Moe will be interviewed in the daily program "Mozart and Madonna" at NRK P2, as the subject of this week is arabic music. Excerpts from Ellayali's debut CD will also be aired during the program. Click here to hear the broadcast.

A Call of Peace to Palestine

Tuesday 27th of April at 19:00, Cosmopolite (Soria Moria)

Ellayali will be playing at a celebration concert for professor Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert. The concert is hosted by the Council of Arab Ambassadors Oslo, and the event is dedicated to "Peace for Palestine". Ellayali will perform songs from their recently released CD, Music Without Borders


Photo: Anne Lund Sjøstrand

Photo: Anne Lund Sjøstrand

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